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Flooding, High Water and Storm Damage



Date:  August 30, 2018                        Time:  9:45 a.m.


                     Adams County Emergency Management
                    (608) 339-4248 
                    (Friendship, WI) 


 Due to the recent heavy rainfall and storm damage in southern Adams County, please take caution when driving as roadways may be flooded or debris covered.  While driving, if water is over the roadway, turn around-don’t drown. Be aware of downed power lines and utility crews working in the area.

 The following roads in Adams County continue to be closed due to flooding/storm damage:

 County Hwy. G between Cty. Hwy. P and Golden Avenue. (Town of New Haven)

 2nd Avenue -Fur Drive to Freedom Lane (Town of Jackson)

 13th Avenue between Fur Lane and Freedom Court (Town of Springville)

 River Road – ¼ mile South of Highway Q to Golden Avenue (Town of Dell Prairie)

 Anyone living in low lying areas should take appropriate precautionary measures. Lakes, creeks and streams can rise rapidly and have deceptive currents.

 Conditions above and below dams may be very dangerous and recreationalists are encouraged to avoid those areas. People using the rivers and reservoirs should be extremely cautious at this time.  Residents downstream from dams should take precautions for watercraft and other items at docks and on the shoreline.  Fast moving water contains deceptively strong currents that should be avoided and can be deadly.  For dam site and flood safety tips, please visit:

 If rising water becomes an emergency, please call 911. 

 Adams County property owners should report minor or major flood/storm damage to Adams County Emergency Management at (608) 339-4248.

 If Adams County residents are in need of sandbags or flood cleanup kits, please contact Adams County Emergency Management at (608) 339-4248.                        


Information regarding flood health and safety can be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services at or locally call the Adams County Public Health at 608-339-4505. Public Health recommends that if you have a private well that has been submerged by flood water, do not drink the water. Wait until the waters recede and then sample the well for bacteria. Sample kits may be obtained from the Adams County Public Health. Please call ahead to schedule a time to pick up your water test kit to ensure availability. Food, Water and other safety tips are available at website above.

 Adams County property owners need to be aware if they sustain flood  or storm damage, including damage to buildings, septic systems, wells and electrical systems, they must obtain permits to repair that damage. This includes damage to electrical meters.  For further information contact Adams County Planning and Zoning at 608-339-4222 Phil McLaughlin, Planning and Zoning Administrator.

 If you use a generator, remember these safety tips:

Always run your generator outside at least 20 feet from the structure

Never plug the generator into a wall outlet

Use the correct extension cord

Additional generator safety tips are available at