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Update on Lake Sherwood Dam (Press Release 2)

Date: 5/11/2018

On April 12, 2018 we gave notice that we would be conducting repairs to the Sherwood Dam as a result of excessive erosion that has taken place in and around the base of the dam gate actuator. Because of the multiple rain/snow events that have occurred since then we have been forced to install temporary measures to ensure the stability of the actuator. As a result the DNR has determined that the project is no longer an emergency and needs to go through the normal approval process.

In consultation with our partners, we have decided to leave the temporary measures in place and have the project completed this fall. When we have a more definitive date set we will send out notice again and let everyone know the plans for construction. We do not anticipate this having any impact on summer lake levels or lake usage.

For more information contact:
Adams County Manager/Administrative Coordinator
Casey Bradley
Town of Rome Administrator
Mike Miller