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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Adams County Parks & Recreation
County Courthouse
400 Main Street

P.O. Box 196
Friendship, WI 53934

Administration (608) 339-4230

Castle Rock Park (608) 339-7713

Petenwell Park (608) 564-7513
Darren Tolley, Park Manager/Trails Coordinator


The Adams County Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, is the authority for determining beach closures due to public health concerns.  
Park staff will not enforce a beach closure, but rather will help educate visitors to the facts of blue green algae.  The best approach is common sense:
- If you see a thick mat of green on the water's surface, avoid contact.
- If you come into contact with it, rinse off with clean water.
- Special attention should be made with children and pets as both are prone to ingesting water
and pets licking themselves dry.
- Do not drink lake water whether green or crystal clear.

Adams County ATV/UTV Trails
will CLOSE FOR THE 2018 SEASON October 31, 2018!

8-30-18  Trail Closures: 
Due to recent property sales two short sections of ATV/UTV trail will be closed:

* Between 10th Avenue and Leisure Lane, just off Cty Hwy D Right of Way
* Trail 19 one way, south of Trail 20 to Alpine Drive

Some trail changes have occurred with some closures in a couple of areas and re-routes, these have all been signed.  Trails 25, 26, 27, & 28 North of Akron Drive, South of Adams Avenue, between Hwy 13 and 10th Avenue will remain CLOSED as there is a logging operation at this time.  NEW MAPS STR AVAILABLE AT AREA BUSINESSES!  Any road routes and trails that are open to utilize are marked as such,
if it's not signed, it's not open!
While you are out enjoying the trails remember the work of few that is enjoyed by many can also be spoiled and lost, by just a few.  Think, Tread Lightly, Respect others and the property you are about to use.  If you see someone doing something wrong, be a Trail Ambassador and encourage them to correct their behavior.  Help protect the sport that you enjoy!   


Effective January 1, 2019:   

You can stay on the campsite that you are currently on

If you are on a monthly campsite in 2018, and if you wish to remain on that campsite in 2019, you may stay on that same campsite for up to THREE calendar years beginning January 2019.  In the coming years, the Parks Department plans to implement an online reservation and payment system that will allow customers to reserve daily, weekly, seasonal, and yearly campsites.

Payment requirement for yearly camper:  $2370.00 or $2800.00 for premium site = $500 by January 15, $700 by March 31, $700 by May 31, and $470 ($900 for premium site) by July 31, paid directly to the park you are camping at.  ( Seasonal payment structure to be determined at a later date.)

2019 Park User Fees are posted on the Parks Department
User Information Link

 Specific questions regarding the 2019 rates, the quarterly payment structure, or the three year camping period should be directed to the Park Managers. 

Thank you for supporting Adams County Parks!

Parks Ordinance #06-2008

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